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1.       The league shall be called the Lafarge Blue Circle league and shall be under the control of the Mid-Ulster Zone. Entry shall be open to all clubs within the Zone who agree to abide by the constitution and who pay the appropriate entry fee.

2.       The entry fee shall be £1 per home league game and entry fees shall be forwarded to the Treasurer in two instalments, after the first 4 home games and on competition of the programme. Clubs in arrears at the end of the programme will be suspended until fees have been paid in full and reported to the IIBA as being in debt to the League.

3.       The participating clubs shall be divided into 3 sections or as deemed appropriate by the Zone Committee. Games will be played on a home and away basis. Two clubs shall normally be relegated each season and two shall normally be promoted (the Committee have the authority to alter this to balance the sections). The third top in Section 2 and third bottom team in Section 1 shall play-off to decide the final league positions for the following season. A similar situation will apply to Section 2 and Section 3.

4.       Each team shall consist of three rinks and each rink shall play each other twice. A draw shall be made to decide the opposing rinks and the mats to be played on. Players may change position at the interval but cannot change rinks. Substitutes can be made at the interval for any position but the person substituted cannot then play on another rink. (Substitutes permitted during game in emergency situations). In the event of a team not being able to field 12 players, no side can field less than 3 players on any mat otherwise they concede that game. A tie for places at the end of the season shall be decided by a playoff, shots will not be a deciding factor.

5.       Each winning rink shall receive one point with five points awarded for the highest overall score.

6.       A player can play for only one club in a section in one season. However, a player may request a change of club by putting his / her case to the Committee whose decision will be final.

7.       Two players belonging to a club which enters two teams and who are in different sections, may be nominated as ‘wild cards‘ enabling them to play, on a maximum of two occasions only, for the other side. Those players must be nominated, in advance to the League Secretary. They can only be a lead or second and can only play lead or second. Clubs breaching this rule shall be penalised three points for each offence. Clubs may field a maximum of 4 players from outside the zone who do not play Nationals in Mid Ulster (clubs who had registered more than 5 in 2004/5 season may retain these players but cannot add to them until their number drops to 4.)

8.       Fixtures must be completed in the week indicated except for exceptional circumstances (see later). If the fixture is not played in that week due to exceptional circumstances (at least 24 hours notice should be given by club calling off the fixture) the home club must inform the league secretary with 48 hours of the reason for the postponement and must inform him of the two dates which have been agreed with their opponents. Failure to complete that fixture within 21 days of the original fixture date will then result in an automatic deduction of 3 points from the offending club. An offending club will be automatically penalised three points on each additional occasion they cancel a fixture outside the 21 days. No club can be compelled to play a game on a Sunday. Games interrupted before the half way or before they begin (e.g. illness, power failure or other exceptional event) stage shall be replayed in full. Games interrupted during the second half shall resume at the half way stage with the score at the half way stage standing.

9.       Clubs in Section 1 refusing to complete their full programme by the end of season deadline shall be relegated to Section 2, if in Section 2 to Section 3 and if in Section 3 shall start the new season with a 10-point deficit.

10.   Results must be forwarded immediately, by phone / e-mail or on the cards provided. Cards should be returned within 14 days of the game being played confirming result.

11.   An extraordinary general meeting can be called at the request, in writing, of 25% of the clubs. The reason for the meeting must be specified and the meeting must be convened with 14 days.

12.   In a situation where a club feels it necessary to lodge an appeal / objection in relation to any matter, it must be received in writing within 14 days of the original event, giving full details of the appeal / objection, be signed by the club secretary and be accompanied by a £5 administration fee. The committee must respond not later than 14 days after the appeal is received. If the appeal / objection is lodged against another club or individual, that club or person must be informed in writing of the full details of the appeal and must be given the opportunity to present their case in person to the committee. The committee’s decision must be forwarded in writing within 7 days outlining their decision and fully explaining the reason for that decision. The committee must offer the club or person the right of appeal to the Appeal’s committee and must also inform the club or person of their write to appeal to the IIBA whose decision will be final and binding. If it is not possible to appeal to the Zone appeal’s committee, the IIBA shall be the appeal body. Failure by the any of the League’s committees, or the club / individual to follow the guidelines will invalidate any appeal or decision. All decisions must be based on the League or Zone constitution or in accordance with the IIBA rulebook. Changes to the Zone constitution can only be made when amendments have been put to the clubs and a recorded vote taken. 75% majority is required to change the constitution. Amendments will be operational from the following year.

13.   Each club must forward a list of affiliated members for registration. Only registered players are eligible to play in the league and they must be registered before the first league game otherwise an automatic 3 point penalty will be imposed. Final registration dates will be 31 October and 30 November. Only written requests will be considered. Clubs, may after that date, put exceptional registration requests to the committee for consideration.

14.   If a club has two teams participating in the same section of the league, their game against each other must be the first game played in each half of the league programme.

15.   Clubs must provide scoreboards which show end by end scores on each mat.

16.   All equipment must be as specified in the IIBA rulebook.

17.   All other rules as per IIBA rule book.

18.   An AGM shall be held annually at which a full report shall be provided for the clubs. Only TWO representatives of a club can attend.



Exceptional circumstances include;


The non-availability of a venue over which the Club has no control i.e. school

Death of a member of the club or the immediate family of a member of the club

Sudden illness of a member of the team on the night of play

Power failure

Severe weather conditions (to be agreed with League Secretary)

An IIBA / Zone event


In exceptional circumstances not listed, clubs may request the committee to consider a postponement and their decision will be binding.


(amended September 2006)

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